• Digital Storytelling a Porte dell'Adige
Client: GCI
Centro Commerciale Auchan Porte dell’Adige
Project: Digital Storytelling
Unit: Digital

In Autumn 2016, the Auchan Bussolengo Shopping Centre was extended to double its product range, lower its environmental impact and make the mall generally more attractive, functional, and inviting. The centre’s name was also changed to Porte dell’Adige. To communicate the new extension in an entertaining and appealing way, we created an imaginary happy family of 4 loveable mascots. Each mascot was designed to promote the centre’s splendid local specialities and personify one of its 4 characteristic elements: peach, grape, olive and lemon.

On the Porte dell’Adige website and social networks, the Happy Family introduced the public to all the centre’s new features. Alternately or in pairs, the 4 characters gave tips and information about the services and new stores at the Centre, as well as where and what to eat. So Miss Pesky went on a tour of the boutiques to look for the perfect winter outfit while Mr. Lemon took a culinary trip through the various mouthwatering delights in the new Rione Goloso Food Court. The concept behind the extension can be summarised as “local mood”. As, thanks to the mall’s new design, produced by our Branding Spaces Unit, the Shopping Centre now reflects the colours and crops that are typical of Bussolengo, Lake Garda and the surrounding area and form the basis of its fine local food and wine. For the relaunch advertising campaign, our creative team chose the well-known TV face of Licia Colò. The campaign, which will last for 6 months, features different themes promoted in outdoor, newspaper, radio, door to door and web contexts, all carefully coordinated by our media office. Last of all, we organised the centre’s opening ceremony that was a huge success with the public.

Thanks to the charm of an exceptional godmother, like Licia Colò and the exclusive qualities of the extension, the new Porte dell’Adige Shopping Centre will soon become the leading light on the Verona shopping scene.