Fashion Boat

Client: GCI
Auchan Porte di Catania Shopping Centre
Project: Guerrilla Marketing
Ambient Domination
Unit: Unconventional

To mark the beginning of the sales season just before the August bank holiday, we organised  a highly original unconventional beach event. A striking, branded schooner, the “Fashion Boat”, landed at all the main beaches in Catania and a crew of trendy sailors came ashore to encourage bathers to take selfies. If they then shared the photo on Facebook, they were given a pass to go onboard the boat and join in a party that included celebrities like the Sicilian comedian Sasà Salvaggio and the local webstar, Davide Kyo.

All the participants were also given a flyer inviting them to pick up a fun gadget from the Shopping Centre. The event was accompanied by a number of street activities held in the centre of town, and the initiative ended with an exclusive “Sunset Party” on the 17th of August at Mama Sea, one of Catania’s key nightlife locations.