The Good Food – Reggio for Norcia

Promoters: Canali&C.
Caffè ARTI e Mestieri
Piccola Piedigrotta
Arci Reggio Emilia
Food Innovation Program
Project: Charity event
Unit: Brand Strategy
Branding Spaces


THE GOOD FOOD is a solidarity project launched in Reggio Emilia to help the inhabitants of Norcia, a community suffering the aftermath of an earthquake. It focuses on bringing together the flavours and traditions of two very different areas, both recently hit by the same tragedy.

Following the conference of the Benedictine Fathers of Norcia, the event was held on Sunday 28th May in a square (Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio) full of people who enjoyed delicious street food specialities and a wide variety of activities organised by local associations. For the whole day, 23 exhibitors and promoters from the two areas prepared and sold their products, alongside a series of creative kids workshops, side shows, conferences, show cooking and DJ sets.

And in the evening, an exclusive charity gala dinner, prepared by the well-known chefs, Gianni and Federico D’Amato, was held at the Caffè Arti & Mestieri restaurant. Thanks to the generosity of Reggio Emilia, the street food activities and gala dinner raised 14,000 euro for the Arca Project organised by “I love Norcia”, an association set up to sustain and promote the area by stimulating its rebirth.

What made THE GOOD FOOD initiative so successful was the commitment and enthusiasm of the people and associations who worked completely free of charge to create this event. Canali&C designed the project’s entire communication and promotion process, in a remarkable team effort that, like a mosaic, focused all the agency’s diverse skills on turning the soul of this project into a concrete reality.

More specifically, the agency set up the presentation press conference that was attended by all the major local and regional newspapers, and also supervised the entire event, including the organisation and coordination of the various secondary activities. The Creative Unit designed the logo and the entire launch campaign, divided into the various communication media specified by the Media Unit. The Branding Spaces Unit, on the other hand, organised and set up the stands, while the Digital Unit created the website and handled the event’s Facebook and Instagram social profiles that raised awareness and a sense of expectation with an editorial plan focused on the fooders and promoters.

All the active participants, in fact, were photographed and presented to the public through interviews posted on the event’s social networks in which they recounted their intimate experiences of life in the local area. This created a sense of togetherness, brotherhood and human solidarity that awoke an emotion deep inside each and every one of us. It was a sentiment that is far too often just a background noise in our busy daily lives, but in this context it became the resounding soundtrack of a very special Sunday.