#Extracoop projects you!

Client: Extracoop
Project: Inauguration day
Unit: Unconventional

On November 24th, 25th and 30th an emotional video was projected on the facades of buildings in the historic centres of Bologna, Modena and Ravenna. The passers-by were invited to take a snapshot of the selfie, published on instagram with #extracoop and projected in real time together with the emotional video. An amazing event to announce the opening of the three extracoops.

On Saturday 2 December, the opening ceremony of the three extracoops was held at the same time as the Centro Nova, the Grandemilia and the Centro ESP. A great success for the public with a party that lasted all day and involved employees, partners and customers.

The inauguration was attended by some of the most influential personalities in the world of food, fashion and entertainment: Lino Banfi, Carla Gozzi, Valerio Braschi, Carolina Benvenga and Monia Amadori. In the weeks before, their social profiles were used to engage their fanbase, with a teaser video that generated curiosity and a second video that unveiled the details of the event.